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Perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Bavaria, the King’s Castles certainly capture romantics’ imaginations and are wonderful sights to behold, more so in winter. The castles are the older but historic Hohenschwangau (loosely translated “High Swanland“) which was King Ludwig’s boyhood home and the more dramatic Neuschwanstein (roughly, “New Swanstone“) which was Walt Disney’s inspiration.

Hohenschwangau (loosely translated as "High Swanland")
Nikon D200 | Nikon 18-200mm VR @ 34mm | 1/200s @ f/8 | ISO 200 | Handheld

Schloss Neuschvanstein in Bavaria
Nikon D200 | Nikon 18-200mm VR @ 35mm | 1/250s @ f/8 | ISO 200 | Handheld

The fairy-tale turrets set in fairy-tale alpine vistas make these castles one of Bavaria’s must-see attractions.

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